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Beautiful plates and bowls set the stage for a stunning presentation of the chefs creations. All the tableware that we have selected into our assortment is designed for restaurant/professional use.


A plate with a matte, solid color surface highlights the colors of your menu. If you choose a matte curve-shaped plate or platter from LIND DNA you can present your colorful menu in a new way.
The shape of these plates and platters are different organically and allows you to play even more with the presentation of your menu by using the soft corners.
CURVE STONEWARE is a collection from LIND DNA consisting of two plates - a large dinner plate and a smaller lunch plate, a deep plate, a small and a large bowl and a platter. All parts are produced in the design protected curve shape from LIND DNA and they match their popular placemats TABLE MAT CURVE.
The collection has a clean and minimalistic design that is stylish and rustic. Beautiful for the simplistic table setting, and fun to mix with more feminine and detailed elements.



Fine stoneware in stunning off white colors or elegant tapas trays in solid oiled oak (food safe). The Kristina Dam stoneware/tableware set called Setomono consists of cups, plates, and bowls. A beautiful and minimalistic collection inspired by traditional Japanese ceramics. Microwave and dishwasher safe. The Setomono Dinner Plate series adds a modern twist to a classic table setting. Though the appearance has a distinct Scandinavian feel the source of inspiration is actually traditional Japanese ceramics and pottery.



Placemats, napkin rings, salt&pepper boxes. We have it all.