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We show here a few examples from our range and encourage interior designers to tell us what they dream of. We can probably make the dream come true.


Shelving System is constructed around the basic principle of the wedge. Wedges hold the shelves in place and let you place them at any height.
The system can be built as tall as you like, as long as you like, built around corners – and the constructional ease that characterise the system even lets you decide whether the system should serve as a room divider or be placed up against a wall. See more here.


Taylormake your own piece of furniture ’Haslev Reolen’ is a flexible modular shelving system, made of solid wood and with the possibility of glass doors / glass shelves in tempered glass. You can choose from several types of wood, treatments, varnishes and details and thus put together a bookcase that fits you exactly, your style and your needs.



Wood Wall is an exciting new shelf with leather straps.
Contemporary and elegant, it fits perfectly in most settings. 
Wood Wall is easy to mount on the wall, with the option of placing several shelves on top of each other to give the appearance of a bookcase. It is made of solid oak and the straps are genuine grain leather.



The A-Shelf is a new, modern interpretation of the well-known Amager-shelf. Create a unique wall by combining several A-Shelves. The shelf can be turned in different directions, creating a sense of excitement and innovation in your interior design.
The shelf is made of solid oak.

SHELF 10+11


Sleek shelf in a light and simple design. Available in two sizes, the shelf provides several potential uses. It can be used to store perfume in the bathroom, small items in the sleeping area or elsewhere as a smaller decorative stand.



Show me, show me not, show me...
Instantly recognisable with its simple combination of graceful thin bars and slim sculptured metal, Teaser is the perfect shelf for displaying cool stuff in the guest room.
Teaser’s clever construction allows you to turn one shelf into three shelves on top of each other simply by adding 4 extra space rod bars and placing them in between two shelves.