• Elo Nietsgreb

The new Sourcing System now in beta

Since the inception of our company, we often been asked questions like "What is the contract price?", "Where can we find 3D files?" and "Have you got a line-sheet with all the wonderful brands you distribute?". These questions are reasonable and common, and we have sometimes been struggling to provide the answers fast and consistent, juggling with price lists from vendors, various websites and physical catalogs.

Therefore we are happy to announce that we have built a comprehensive information-sourcing-platform, where all the needed info is brewed, stewed and presented on a digital platter fully available for interior designers, brand managers, design teams and hotel general managers.

See the system as an add on benefit, a tool supplementing our face to face and digital counselling, that is of course still a core part of our service to you.

It has been, and is still, a huge undertaking to collect all the product data, so that you have one source and one place to go. This is very much work in progress and more products are added daily.

Fortunately, we hear from test pilots that it is a good tool, and especially useful as a reference lookup when browsing the beautiful printed brand catalogs that we provide to you.

The system is open and operational but at this point there is still a lot of products that needs to be put in.

As always, we cater only the hospitality industry, and we encourage our current and coming partners to register an un-binding user account, making all info visible. All account applications will be quickly reviewed and responded to by us. When logged in you can also order samples, OS&E items and running supplies like electrical candles, amenities and other.

The system is constructed in a web shop framework, so it gives you all the functionalities as if you where looking for a new refrigerator + all the hospitality design related features:

  • 3D and 2D files for download right at the product page where applicable.

  • An ad-to-project feature where you can add products you need to a wishlist-type system, and save them and retrieve them later.

  • A shop-the-look feature, where you can easily identify and save/order the items you see in a interior design photo.

  • Search by product category or location in property.

  • Some data including contract prices are password protected for registered accounts only.

  • View prices in EUR and USD.

  • Full mobile and desktop support.

The Sourcing System is replacing the product page on our website, so go here and take a look: https://www.copenhagendesignmerchants.com/products

Let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions for improvement.

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