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A second life for original airplane trolleys

Imagine how it would pleasantly surprise a hotel guest to enter a hotel room and find an original airline trolley stocked with beverages and snacks?
Or the look on their face, when room service knocks on the door with an airplane trolley with a built-in draft beer bar?
There are many amenity (and branding) opportunities with the Bordbar trolleys.



Unique, eyeopening and sustainable re-use


Built to order

Every trolley is produced on customer request in detailed craftsmanship in Bordbar's Cologne-based workshop. Airplane trolleys comply with the globally recognized ATLAS-Norm, used by Lufthansa and Emirates among others. The materials used in the trolleys must comply with the stringent requirements of the aviation industry.


A truly delightful user experience

Bordbar's used trolleys are veteran airline trolleys with an abundance of experience above the clouds. In an elaborate process, they are completely refurbished, cleaned and tested for their functionality.
Subsequently, an especially hard-wearing layer of lamination is applied to the bordbar_used trolleys.
The rivet rocker_used models are equipped with new and riveted stainless steel panels in order to prepare them for their next mission on the ground.
Just wait until you try one yourself.


Many configurations available

With the Bordbar concept, you can choose from many different configurations and even have your own branding on the carts.

Choose from several different pre-configurated sets, or have them built entirely to your wishes.

Contact the Merchants for information about all the opportunities.

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